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I am completely surprised to find a website with accurate information directed specifically to parents and children for the purposes of nutrition and health. I think its dynamic and innovative and wondered if this is just an American based campaign. I reside in Scotland where we have severe issues with dietary issues. I know our government has action plans and programs in place but nothing like the way this website and campaign is set out. Kind RegardsMatthew BellProduct Assessment ManagerProduct Assessment CentreTesco Stores LtdCrieff RoadPerthScotlandPH1 2NR

We’re glad that you enjoy our site! The Fruits & Veggies—More Matters website and health campaign is an American based campaign. However, we participate in an International Fruit & Vegetable Alliance and you can see what some other countries are doing for fruit and vegetable consumption efforts at Many of them have websites as well.
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  1. 1. Weigh daily/wekely/monthly??Probably every other day or every three days, now that I’m on maintenance. It used to be wekely.2. White chocolate/milk chocolate or dark chocolate??Dark Chocolate, which I used to hate, but my tastebuds have changed THAT MUCH.3. Do you count calories and if so how many do you aim for??I do, thanks to NutriMirror making it stupid easy. On a day without excercise, I shoot for 1760.4. Have you ever tried soy milk?? What did you think??Only at a taste test in the store. It was okay. I avoid soy because of the pain it gives me in my breasts.5. Favorite fruit??Pineapple, fresh. Can’t have it because of my excema, though. So Asian Pears.6. Vegetable you truly hate??I can’t think of one!

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