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Colorful Tye Dye Salad Fresh greens Fresh or canned oranges. Beets, drained, sliced and save the juice. Add some crunch with pecans, croutons or granola. Put fresh clean greens on the plate first,arrange oranges over the greens, arrange beets over the oranges, sprinkle crunchy topping of choice. Drizzle with your favorite dressing. Enjoy with a fork or have fun eating with chop-sticks. After you eat your healthy fun salad, enjoy some fun recycling. Take your old white t-shirt and wrap rubber bands in various places. Dip the area that is wrapped, into the beet juice-squeeze-dip again-squeeze-dip-last squeese and hang out-side to dry. Wash T-shirt alone at first washing. You don’t want beet juice in your other clothes! Have fun.

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