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Your article about potatoes mentions that potatoes need to be prepared properly in order to keep them as healthy as they actually are. It does not mention abnything about baking potatoes. I like to chop potatoes up in slices and bake them, to make a sort of baked french fry. Is this considered healthy, if the portion size is contained to one potato?

Baking any fruit or vegetable, as long as high fat or calorie ingredients are used minimally (i.e. butter, sugar, etc.), is a healthy way to prepare them. See our Top 10 Healthy Ways to Cook Fruits & Vegetables list and for healthy preparation ideas.
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  1. Great info! I’ve been a sugar baby since I was little. I love love love etesws but lately I’ve been really wanting to cut my sugar intake. I love fruits and never thought of how they can? cut the cravings for bad etesws. I will definitely stock up on some fresh fruit this weekend. I love strawberries and mangos. You know I may also get some dried fruits as well since they keep for a while. Thanks!!

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