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What fruits are helpful in controlling blood pressure?


Q. I am allergic to bananas. I just found out that I have high blood pressure. Is there another fruit equivalent to the benefits of the banana that you can recommend. Thank you


A. There are many benefits of having a diet that is rich in fruits and veggies. Not only can they help lower blood pressure, but they reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. All fruit is helpful in controlling blood pressure. Here are a few: prunes, melons, citrus fruits.


Also, make the most out of veggies by choosing fresh or frozen with no added sauces – instead squeeze lemon juice or add garlic powder for extra zing! Veggies are delicious eaten raw, grilled or steamed. All vegetables help control blood pressure. Here are a few: carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens.


May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month! Read more about how to help control your blood pressure.

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