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I would like to introduce my 6-month old baby fruits and veggies. For that I would like to have a list when are the several kinds of fruits or veggies in season? I live in Georgia. Where can I find such information on the web?Thank you

Introducing a baby to fruits and vegetables takes care and attention. Some experts believe it is best to introduce veggies first, then fruits because many babies prefer the taste of fruits over veggies and may not care for the veggies after they have eaten the sweet fruits! Remember to introduce one item at a time and wait two to three days before introducing any others in case the baby has an allergic reaction. That way, you can more easily identify the source of allergic reaction. Do not introduce the baby to citrus fruits (such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit) or strawberries until after 12 months of age. These types of fruits cause allergic reactions more than any other. Also avoid fruits and veggies with a peel or very small seeds (such as raspberries and blackberries) until the baby is older. As for fruits and veggies in season, your local farmer’s market can be a great resource for fresh, locally grown produce. Also check out our listing of fruit and veggie information (at ). We have a listing of over 40 fruits and veggies with selection and storage tips.

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  1. I would recommend the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. She has a chart that tells what foods are good for your baby for each month of the baby’s first year of life. She also has an index of fruits and veggies that says when things are in season and how to prepare them for your baby. Good luck!

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