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hello I have always been a lazy cook and my children have suffer for that rason we are all over weight I have four children age of 7,6,4,2 and the oldest are over weight and my husband and I . I need help to learn how to cook because that is one of the bigest problems that I dont know how to cook and I just get lazy and I give them junk food I want to stop how do I end these habit and start good habits. Claudia

The first step to building healthy habits for your family is to start with yourself. If you set a good example for the family by eating more fruits and vegetables-chances are they will too! Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is easier than you think, because all forms count: fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice. If you avoid fresh produce because you think it will spoil before you eat it all, by a small quantity for the week. Always have on hand frozen, canned and dried fruit and vegetable items. Stock up on frozen and canned items when they are on sale so that you always have them handy. Add dried fruits to rice or grain mixes. Substitute 100% juice for "aide" type drinks for your kids. Give your kids fruits and veggies for snacks instead of junk food. Don’t have a lot of junk food around in the house.  If cut up fruits and vegetables and simply make them available at snack time, you’d be surprised at how fast they disappear. Don’t ask; just make healthy snacks visible. Remember-small steps do add up!

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