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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I’m thinking shades of green.  While there are plenty of green veggies, I thought I’d feature one that is perfect for the spring season   Read More


March is National Frozen Food Month, so I thought it appropriate to bring to light the benefits of frozen fruit and vegetables.  Now, I know some of you are probably wrinkling your no  Read More


Potatoes are a popular veggie, but they can often get a bad rap when thinking about healthy diets.  This is because we so frequently associate them with foods like French fri  Read More


February is National Snack Food Month and you might be wondering why this is something a healthy person would celebrate.  Traditionally, we think of snack foods as those unhealthy “junk”   Read More


For many, February brings to mind Valentine’s Day and candy hearts, but more importantly, February is American Heart Month.  You may have seen the Go Red campaign on television  Read More


It can be tough to get going on cold winter mornings and we’ve had plenty of them this year in my neck of the woods!  I find that a hearty bowl of oatmeal can warm me up while givin  Read More


About three years ago, I made the decision to take the More Matters Pledge to add one more serving of fruit and vegetables to my daily diet and it was the start of one of the s  Read More


We hear a lot about fiber these days.  Cereals claiming to have more fiber than other brands, supplements you can take to add fiber to your diet and so on.  Before you go out and buy the latest  Read More


A new year usually means resolutions and typically those resolutions have something to do with a healthier lifestyle.  Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or simply tr  Read More


If you’re like me and live in most parts of the country, the next couple of months probably have you dreaming of tropical islands and warmer temps.  Unfortunately, we have a little   Read More

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Janet Skibicki is a working stepmother of teenage twins. Until her mid-30's, she was able to easily work in exercise and healthy eating. Now married with kids, she's found it harder to stay on track with her fitness regime, while trying to instill healthy habits into her family’s daily routine. Janet and h


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