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You can see the nutritional content of a banana in our Fruit and Veggie Database.


Usually, this is in the baby carrots that have been peeled prior to packaging. Carrots contain water and it’s possible that some of the water is leaching from the cells of the carrot, but can’t evaporate from the plastic bag. There also may be some moisture from washing of the carrots prior to packaging in order to keep the carrots from drying out. You might contact the manufacturer to see how the carrots are processed and packaged.


I suggest you contact the website to see if they can direct you. 


There may be some losses of nutrients from all fruits and veggies when they are cooked, although the losses are usually small. When incorporating fruits and veggies into soups, stews, one-dish meals etc. you may actually be retaining some of the nutrients in the liquid. You will get the nutrition benefits of fruits and veggies whether they are raw or cooked. 


You can information on fruits in our fruit and vegetable database here


You can find the fruits in our fruit and vegetable database here.


Vitamin B12 is not found in any fruits or vegetables and is found mainly in animal foods. Fruits contain natural sugars which provide energy for your body. You can check the number of calories in many fruits in our fruit and vegetable database here..


We have many inexpensive fruit and vegetable posters in our catalog. You can find them here. Thanks for sharing the very important fruit and vegetable message.


Letting a child taste a variety of fruits and vegetables is important in not only deciding which ones they would prefer but also for their health! Due to a human’s taste-bud development, it is hard for young children to appreciate, or even like the taste of most vegetables. Young children tend to prefer fruits because of their sugar content. I would recommend letting your children help choose the fruits and vegetables they would like to eat while out at the grocery and experimenting with different cooking techniques to make fruits and vegetables more appealing to kids. Visit our Top Ten Ways To Cook Almost Anything list for cooking ideas. Also, our Mom2Mom page allows moms to share ideas on how to incorporate tasty fruit and vegetable dishes into their families’ meals.


Strawberries have about 50 calories a serving, which equals about 8 medium-sized berries. Grapes contain about 60 calories a serving, or about ½ cup. For more information on calorie, vitamin and mineral content of several fruits and vegetables, visit our Fruit and Veggie Database.

The Expert: Dr. Elizabeth Pivonka, a mother of two and a registered dietitian, shares years of experience in getting people to eat more fruits and veggies.
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