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Can you help me understand why there is excess air in my frozen bag of vegetables?


Q. I have a package of frozen vegetables that now seems full of air…the veggies are definitely loose from one another…I can tell they rattle around when I shake the bag.  They are in the original, unopened plastic bag…does the fact that they seem full of air a problem?


A. Based on the information you provided, there could be one of two possible situations.

  1. Freezer burn – check the product’s best by date on the package. If the date has passed, time and temperature fluctuations may have taken a toll on the vegetables, i.e. degradation or freezer burn, resulting in excess air in the package.
  2. Quality – If you have purchased the product in the past and the quality is off, I recommend you follow-up with the store where you purchased it or contact the food manufacturer.
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