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Fruit & Vegetable Blog: Stem & Stalk ... Let's Talk

Here’s a fun fact: According to the USDA, each American eats 112 pounds of potatoes each year.  Pretty impressive, right?  I suppose that’s one reason why February is Po  Read More


We celebrate Valentine’s Day this month but even more importantly, February is American Heart Month.  Here’s an elegant, delicious, heart-healthy meal for two that will be sure to impress your signif  Read More


We all know fruit and vegetables are an important part of our healthy lifestyle.  They provide much needed vitamins, minerals, and heart healthy fiber to our diets.  However, without prop  Read More


One of the few things I like about winter is the fact that citrus fruit is in season, budget friendly, and at its peak of flavor.  I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of adding a little sunshine into ou  Read More


We’re all familiar with broccoli, in fact, it’s one of the most popular veggies in America.  However, are you familiar with broccolini?  This delicious veggie is a cross between broccoli and gai lan   Read More


What’s in and what’s out for 2017 food-wise?  According to restaurant and hotel consultants Baum & Whiteman, there are some key food trends to look for this year.  A few worth noting are:


Greens o  Read More


We tend to associate apricots with the summer months, but while you can also find fresh apricots during the winter in your grocery store, dried apricots are wonderful additions to many recipes.  Drie  Read More


Welcome to 2017! We begin the new year with one of my favorite “food days”–National Spaghetti Day.  Pasta has always been a main part of big family meals in my house.  I love it and my mom is part   Read More


Fruitcake is synonymous with Christmas.  You really can’t think of any other time of year when fruitcake appears on your grocer’s shelves, can you?  Unfortunately, the traditional version contains ca  Read More


In my home, Christmas morning not only means opening presents, it also means having a big, delicious breakfast with family.  Many times we’ve had guests at our house, so having something special   Read More

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Janet Skibicki is a working stepmother of teenage twins. Until her mid-30's, she was able to easily work in exercise and healthy eating. Now married with kids, she's found it harder to stay on track with her fitness regime, while trying to instill healthy habits into her family’s daily routine. Janet and h


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