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Fruit & Vegetable Blog: Stem & Stalk ... Let's Talk

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”  I think that old saying rings true any time of the year, but when the temps are rising above 90 degrees, what better way to cool down tha  Read More


In my opinion, a great side dish can really make your meal.  As someone who loves veggies, I’ve collected many personal favorite recipes over the years.  In fact, there are very few vegetable  Read More


Right about now you should be starting to reap the reward of those tomato plants you labored over back in the spring months.  Now through early fall, fresh tomatoes will be a plent  Read More


It’s hard to believe, but next Monday is July 4th.  Traditionally that means we celebrate with some form of barbeque or picnic with friends and family.  While we usually feature the typical grill fare   Read More


It’s hard to imagine a summertime picnic, pool party, or barbeque without slices of watermelon and cantaloupe.  Summer melons are a must have this time of year for many reasons.  They’re plentiful in  Read More


Summer is the perfect season to pack up and enjoy a picnic.  You can go casual with a few basic sandwiches and snacks or go all out with gourmet salads, mini quiches, and fun desserts.  The point is to h  Read More


Warmer weather tends to have an impact on my appetite.  I usually look for lighter far when the temps begin to rise and foods that have a higher water content to help keep me hydrated.  Frui  Read More


If you’ve ventured into any specialty culinary story recently or subscribe to a food magazine, you’ve probably noticed that Asian flavors are quite popular these days.  And why not?  Chinese take-  Read More


This coming weekend is we celebrate the unofficial kick-off to summer …Memorial Day and a three day weekend.  Traditionally this means backyard barbeques, pool parties, or park picnics.  Read More


This Friday is National Pizza Party Day.  Personally, I think every Friday is perfect for a pizza party …what better way to end a long week of school/work?  But, before you reach for the  Read More

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Janet Skibicki is a working stepmother of teenage twins. Until her mid-30's, she was able to easily work in exercise and healthy eating. Now married with kids, she's found it harder to stay on track with her fitness regime, while trying to instill healthy habits into her family’s daily routine. Janet and h


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