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How many serving of veggies per day?

The amount of fruits and vegetables your family needs daily depends on caloric needs, which are determined by age, gender and activity level.  Please visit our Meal Planning section to find out more.

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  1. Juicing is definitely aeiser than eating a fruit/veggie one by one. You do get the same nutrients, in fact when health doctors give you natural remedies for whatever ails you, they always include juicing. The best way to make juice out of the veggies is to have fruits mixed in too so it’s sweet. For example, if you make a green juice, you would add green peppers and lettuce leaves and stuff like that, but you also would add green apples (green juices are pretty gross, I’ll be honest). So you might want to try veggies combined with carrots and apples. The carrots and apples make a pretty good combo and usually over power whatever other veggie you might put in there.

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