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Is there a good, low-calorie option to use in place of butter on vegetables?


Q. I love my vegetables cooked simply and quick, and served with butter, which I use too liberally. Is there a simple low-cal sauce I can make and use instead of butter? Thanks.


Vegetables are great on their own, but if a sauce helps you eat your veggies then aiming for one that is low-calorie and low in sodium is important. Fat-free salad dressings can be a good choice, lemon juice and garlic, balsamic vinegar or other vinegars also go well with vegetables. If you want butter flavor, try sprinkling your vegetables with Butter Buds® or decreasing the amount of butter you are currently using. Another idea is to try salt-free seasonings. These might offer enough flavor that you won’t need a sauce. Check out our recipes to find some new and delicious ways to eat your veggies.

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