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3 Year old Non-Eater

My son just turned 3 and to this day eats no veggies, no meats, no starches except bread and only a banana for fruit…he has been this way for 2 years now and nothing seems to help.

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  1. Hi,
    Feeding kids can be frustrating. You say that your son will NOT eat anything but bread and a banana… But (please don’t take this the wrong way) he is not the one in charge. You are. No child will allow himself to starve! Feed him what you are feeding yourself. When he is hungry, he will eat. He is controlling you, and you are letting him. I don’t think his eating habits will change, as long as you keep indulging him. Be sure you are setting a good example for him by eating a healthy and varied diet. Eventually he will come around. Good luck!

  2. I agree, if that is really all he is eating it is because it is easier to give him what he wants rather then deal with him on the issue.
    Prepare food for him that you are eating as a family. For breakfast offer him oatmeal or a healthy drie cereal and fruit. Or eggs and fruit and tell him, when you try some of this you can have half a banana but nothing until you give this a try. Then stick to your guns. You may have tantrums at first but it may help him learn to eat other foods and the bottom line is you want a healthy child. Also, lead by example.

  3. When my grandson visits, understandably he wants to eat at my house like he eats at home. The problem is I work in nutrition and I know how critical it is for him to eat right so I have tried to find a way to avoid the fights yet have him come around.

    I fix things that will appeal to kids which means simple foods that don’t have an overwhelming flavor.

    I put a little of everything on his plate and we all come to the table. He tells me he won’t eat and I just let him know it is his choice but there will be no snacks later unless he eats at meal time. (We have gone through the testing and he found out I meant just that.) We eat and talk and have a good time and before long he is trying everything and finding he likes most things. When he tries something that he doesn’t like, I just let him know how proud of him I was that he tried it.

    I hope you find a resolution. I know you would not let him ride in a car without being buckled in. His nutrition is the seatbelt for his health.

  4. I agree that you should give him what you are eating and explain he will not get snacks unless he tries it. He isn’t eating what you want him to because that is his way of controlling you. I have a super picky husband and I have vowed to not let my 20 month old twins turn out like him. I feed them different things frequently. Also, the articles I have read said that toddlers may need to see things up to 12 times before they even try it. Good luck and keep trying! He will eventually do what you want him to do.

  5. I know how you feel.. my son will be 3 in a couple of months and has recently decided he only needs to eat bread.. for all of you who say just don’t give in.. when your child is willing to eat nothing for a day or two on end if you don’t give him bread/banana whatever it is he will eat… it’s beyond being just extremely hard to say no. I don’t indulge him in cookies or anything like that.. but I just wanted to extend my support, and perhaps if I manage to find some useful information I will be able to pass it along!

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