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Does an avocado contain fiber or any other important nutrients?


Q. Is avocado good for fiber? What is it best for?


A. An avocado is, indeed, a source of fiber. A whole avocado provides roughly 5 grams of fiber. A serving of avocado is 1/5 of the avocado, which provides about 1 gram of fiber, or 4% of your daily amount. For a fruit or vegetable to be considered an excellent source it must contain at least 20% of a specific nutrient per serving. Avocados are also an important source of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. These fats are great for improving blood cholesterol levels and decreasing risk of heart disease. But, that’s not all avocados can do for you! They provide lots of vitamin E, K, B6, and C. Avocados are great for health! Search our recipes to find ways to incorporate avocados into your diet.

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