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How can I get the health benefits of cranberries without drinking sugar-filled juices?


Q. How can I get the benefits of cranberry juice without drinking sugar filled juices? Are cranberry supplements good? Is there a pure cranberry product I can buy that isn’t high in sugar or calories?


A. Cranberry juice that is 100% juice (which is very bitter) or a 100% juice blend is one option for getting the benefits of cranberries without added sugar. Another option is to eat cranberries and forgo a supplement. It does not take very many cranberries to reap health benefits and they are very versatile in recipes. Lastly, most of the nutrients found in cranberries, especially the phytochemical anthocyanins; can also be found in blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, red radishes, red onion and more. Try these great recipes for getting more cranberries into your diet: Turkey & Cranberry Stew, Cran-licious Smoothie, and Fruited Rice Pilaf.

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