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How do I get picky eaters to try different foods?


Q. My grandchildren only eat meat, also don’t want to taste anything. 2 years and 4 years.


A. Having picky eaters is normal. Children learn about foods in a variety of ways. They have to smell it, touch it, taste it, see you enjoying it, and then maybe they might try it. You may offer a food ten times before they decide to give it a try. Preschool age children are still working on communication and if you are pushing food and getting upset about it, they will push right back and refuse it. Don’t find yourself in a food fight. Just offer the same foods you are eating at a meal and pair it with something you know they like. Encourage them to take two or three bites of the other foods on their plate and reinforce that this is what we are eating at this time. Check out our Healthy Kids section for kid-friendly recipes and activities.

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