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I am not a diabetic, but my blood sugar content is high. I have been dieting by eating watermelon and cantaloupe. Is that OK?


Q. I am not a diabetic, but my blood sugar content is high. i have been dieting by eating watermelon, cantaloupe


A. Diabetics, and those who may be pre-diabetic, need to balance carbohydrates, fat, and proteins at eating occasions to prevent sharp peaks in blood sugar. Fat and protein can help slow down the absorption of carbohydrates from the stomach into the blood stream. Watermelon and cantaloupe are mostly carbohydrate (healthy ones!) but have very little protein or fat (so they are good for dieting). I would recommend eating a small handful of nuts, or an ounce of cheese, or even an egg along with the fruit to provide some protein/fat to balance out the carbohydrate from the fruit. This might also be more ‘filling’ for you as well to help you stay on your diet. This ‘balancing’ of carbs, fat, and protein is really a good idea for anybody –it’s a more ‘balanced diet.’

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