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Is it ok to mix various fruits for smoothies?


Q. I have such a hard time staying away from fast food. but i just discovered that i love frozen fruit shakes and smoothies. I had read some time ago that some fruits are not good to mix toghether. I bought several bags of frozen fruit that consists of mixed berries. then a bag of frozen mango. i mix those in my blender with a bananna and unsweetened silk milk and some 2 percent regular milk. they taste so good and they fill me up. I will keep drinking them if its ok to mix those things….thanks so much


A. You can most certainly mix these fruits together. Sounds like a delicious and nutritious meal! My only caution is that people sometimes forget how many calories they’re consuming when they drink their food rather than eat their food – so just be sure to include this as part of your total calories for the day.

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