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What are the benefits of wax beans and tomatillos?

Q. I was reading over your Fruit and Veggie Color List and didn’t see two items that I would appreciate you clarifying for me: Yellow Beans (aka Wax Beans) and Tomatillos. I hope to hear from you.Beth


A. Our veggie color list was created in 2008 and since then our fruit and vegetable database has grown. Wax beans are not in our database yet (soon to be added), but tomatillos are. Wax beans taste very similar to green beans, but would be in the yellow color group. Tomatillos would be in the green category. Wax beans are a great low calorie food and a good source of fiber for heart and digestive health. When selecting wax beans, choose beans that have good color, are fresh and snap easily. You can also find these beans in the canned vegetable aisle near other green beans.

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