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What are the nutrition facts for paprika?


Q. I am doing a presentation on paprika. My presentation will be given to families and children and will cover nutritional facts. Can you provide me with some good nutritional facts for paprika please?


A. Paprika spice comes from ground sweet red peppers. The USDA nutrient database provides information on the different vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in various measurements of paprika. One teaspoon of paprika contains about 4% vitamin E, 2% vitamin K, and 8% vitamin A towards a person’s recommended daily values. Paprika was once thought to contain the compound ‘capsaicin’ which causes the heat in peppers, however research has shown that paprika does not contain a measurable amount of this compound. But, paprika does contain an antioxidant call cryptoxanthin. This antioxidant is a compound from vitamin A and aids eye health.

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