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What vegetables are high in protein and how should I cook them?


Q. My doctor wants me on a protein diet only. Can you give me a list of veggies, and maybe ways to cook them?


A. Most fruits and veggies are not rich in protein with the exception of legumes. Lentils are a good source of protein. One half cup of lentils has 8.93 grams (g) of protein. A half cup of cooked black beans contains 7.62g of protein and one cup of green peas has 7.86g of protein. Green soybeans (Edamame) yield 33.15g of protein in one cup. Cooked Hubbard squash contains 5.08g in one cup and one cup of cooked Brussels sprouts has 5.64g of protein. Work with your doctor or a registered dietitian to find the best foods that will meet your needs. Also, check out our recipe pages to find yummy meals that highlight fruits and vegetables.

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