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are green beans a fruit or a vegetable and how are fruits and vegetables classified (what makes them one or the other)?

Green beans are botanically a fruit, but we use them as a vegetable. Click here to see an explanation of the difference between a fruit and a vegetable from our Frequently Asked Questions.

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  1. My seven year old students told the class and I that green beans are a fruit. I guess I am not smarter than a second grader:). He discovered this when I assigned a fruit/vegetable project. His peers were astonished by his discovery and so was I.

  2. yes me and my step son were arguing about it and after he dropped the lemon he was playing with, he said it was a vegetable…. i guess i am happy that he did cause if he didn’t then i would have been proved wrong!!!!!! Thank god for the slippery lemon.

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