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Broccoli Forever

My son loves, i mean LOVES brocolli (he’s 6) but he won’t eat any other vegetable. Should i worry that he’s not getting enough variety?

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  1. Lucky you! You don’t need to be “worried” but do try to encourage more vegetables. How about offering two or three vegetables and let him create faces or other creations out of them? Start where he is and add on from there.

  2. That’s great that he likes brocolli! Something I have been learning lately is that it’s best to get the color of the rainbow in your fruits and veggies! Just picture the rainbow how there is red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, etc. The colors show the different nutrients in the foods!

  3. Don’t worry. Just keep introducing new vegetables and give him the opportunity to try new things. children often eat the same food over and over and then one day decide to move to something else. It’s much better that he eats broccoli than potato chips or candy.

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