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How can health care professionals promote consumption of fruits and veggies to parents and children with your website?


Q. Hello. I would like to know how this website engage parents into adopting a healthy eating habit for their children to combat childhood obesity? It’s wonderful that there are so much information in this website, but all I can do is read about it. It does not mean I’m going to follow exactly what is recommended here. How are these information be accessed to people who lack internet? How do low-income families apply these recommendations into their life if their income still limits their buying power of healthy foods? I needed this info because I work as a nurse at Kaiser and often interacts with parents who wanted some resource/info that can help with children who have weight issues. Thank you.


A. I appreciate your question and thank you for recognizing the content of our website. We have a variety of educational materials that you can order for free or download and print.


Our Nutrition Education Materials page on our parent website offers a variety of free fruit and vegetable educational tools for both parents and children to enhance their knowledge of fruit and vegetables using fun, interactive activities. The “Healthy Kids” section on this website has multiple education resources and activities aimed at promoting fruit and vegetable consumption.


To start your own fruits and vegetables educational program, use the Healthcare Professionals  resources.


Fruit and Vegetables on a Budget offers tips and strategies to incorporate fruit and vegetables into the daily meal plan.


I hope this information empowers you to be a fruit and vegetable champion for the families you support.



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