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Can you freeze fresh papaya.

According to Clemson’s Cooperative Extension:

Steps in Freezing Fruits

  1. Select best-quality fruits; wash and sort fruits carefully, discarding parts that are of poor quality. Do not soak.
  2. Prepare fruits as you will use them. Do not use iron or copper equipment that can react with the acid in fruit.
  3. Use ascorbic acid as an anti-browning treatment.
  4. Use dry sugar or sugar syrup as recommended. If you are preparing a sugarless pack of fruits that brown, be sure to  treat with ascorbic acid or other anti-browning agents.
  5. Pack into good-quality plastic bags, freezer containers or freezer jars. Allow ½-inch headspace for expansion. Keep fruits that tend to darken, such as peaches, under the syrup by placing crumpled wax paper between lid and fruit.

To Use Home-Frozen Fruits

Thaw fruit at room temperature in its original package to preserve quality and nutritive value. If faster defrosting is required, place package in front of an electric fan or submerge (if watertight) in cool lukewarm water. Serve as soon as defrosted, preferably while a few ice crystals remain

To learn more about creating the ascorbic acid coating read Clemson’s Cooperative Extension guide to freezing fruits and vegetables.

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