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Can you name the fruit and veggies, that have vitamin C in them? What vitamin when cooked in water,will lose its vitamin? When should you add the veggies to soup?

Vitamin C helps heal cuts and wounds and keep teeth and gums healthy.  Many fruits and vegetables are considered dietary sources of vitamin C, and some are even considered good or excellent sources.  Check out our Fruit & Veggie Nutrition section of the website and to see these lists:

It is true that cooking can reduce some nutrient content in foods, but it can also make some nutrients more available to the body.  Heat-sensitive nutrients include vitamin C and B vitamins such as folate.  Minimizing the amount of liquid that vegetables are cooked in will minimize nutrient loss (try steaming versus boiling).  Cooking harder veggies such as carrots for a shorter amount of time until they are just tender (not mushy) can help retain nutrients too.



Since you are talking about soup, keep in mind that the broth will likely retain some of the lost nutrients.  If the broth is consumed, then the nutrients will also be consumed as well.  This is not the case with vegetables that are boiled and drained.



As stated above, harder veggies should be added first and cooked until just tender.  Softer or more fragile vegetables such as greens and cabbage should be added toward the end so as not to overcook.  Try starting with 100% vegetable juice as a base, and remember that canned and frozen vegetables, as well as fresh, make great additions to soups and stews.  The sky’s the limit with all the varieties of vegetables available, so get creative!!


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