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can you refrigerate bananas to last longer or do they deteriorate faster than being left out?

Unripe bananas are best stored at room temperature. Once ripe, bananas may be stored in the refrigerator for several days, but doing so may cause the peel to turn black. For more storage and selection tips, click here.


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  1. I have discovered a method of refrigerating bananas which can prevent the peels from blackening. I have been able to store bananas for as long as two months without freezing them.

    To get maximum preservation, place green bananas in an airtight generic plastic bag at the store, removing the air before sealing it right there at the fruit stand. After you get home, place the bananas in the non-freezer part of the refrigerator, preferably away from the cold air duct.

    The length of time the bananas will remain good depends on things like how ripe they were at the beginning and the temperature of the refrigerator. Note that once a storage bag is opened, the exchange of air greatly deteriorates the bananas in a relatively short time.

    I independently discovered this technique between March and April 2007.

    Joseph Meisenhelder

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