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When it comes to good nutrition, all forms of fruits and vegetables matter—fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice. With 200+ options and a variety of convenient packaging to make fruits and vegetables easy to store and easy to serve, there’s bound to be something to please everyone! All forms of fruits and vegetables count toward your daily recommendation.
Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried, 100% Juice - All forms of fruits and vegetables matter
  • Most frozen and canned foods are processed within hours of harvest, so their flavor and nutritional value are preserved. Facts about Canned Foods
  • Studies show that recipes prepared with canned foods had similar nutritional values to those prepared with fresh or frozen ingredients.
  • Canned foods are "cooked" prior to packaging, so they
    are recipe-ready.
  • Frozen foods also require little preparation—washing
    and slicing, for instance, is already done. See Frozen Fruit & Veggie Recipes
  • Freeze-dried fruit is a tasty and delicious way to eat more fruit because all of the moisture from the original fruit is removed, resulting in a light, crispy texture that’s perfect for snacking. Top 10 Places to Take Freeze-Dried Fruit

Need Some Easy Ideas? Check Out the Chart & Videos Below!


Easy Chart! A Week of Meals with Canned Foods




VIDEOS Recipes Using Canned Fruits & Veggies


Pineapple Jerk Chicken


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Tuna Fish Tacos


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Canning Videos > From home canning to the canning process to sustainability, these videos will help you understand the entire canning process. See Videos


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