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Every month we add 8 new 30-minute or less recipes! These recipes can easily be reduced to make one serving, or you can save the leftovers for later! Here are some tips when preparing food for just you:
  1. Determine the number of serving of a recipe and divide it by that number to create a one person meal (this is trial and error for the taste quality because some of the recipes don’t work as well when you cut them in half or more).
  2. Snack! You can easily make a one person snack that is nutrient dense and delicious. Try this Apple-Hazelnut Salad in a Cup—it makes 1 serving!  
  3. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, clean them, and chop them at the beginning of each week for easy additions to all your meals. Fruit and Vegetable Storage and Selection Information
  4. Buy already washed spinach or romaine lettuce to make a quick salad. Top with beans and you have a complete meal!
  5. Most grocery stores offer frozen fruits, vegetables, poultry, and other meat and meatless products that can be used as needed. If you are just cooking for yourself for the night, just use one chicken breast or one veggie burger. Add a salad, side of fruit, and a beverage and you have a well balanced meal!
For low cost meals try:
  1. Shopping in season.
  2. Remember that all forms of fruits and veggies count toward your daily recommendation (fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice).
  3. Keep your eye on special sales and coupons
  4. Plan your meals
  5. Try our 30 days in 30 ways menu ideas—just cut the serving sizes down to make 1 or 2 servings
  6. Keep a Well Stocked Pantry to have healthy items available to you when you need a quick meal!
  7. Try eating a meatless meal once or twice a week. Beans are always an economical choice!
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