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Dear Dr. Elizabeth, I was talking to my friend the other day and he told me that he lost 100 pounds from eating celery amongst other fruits and vegetables. He advised that celery increased his matabilism which caused him to loose weight. Is there any truth in this statement??? Thanks.

Celery does not increase the metabolic rate. Celery is however very low in calories- one 8” stalk contains only 6 calories. This makes it very useful for weight loss, since one can get a lot of eating pleasure from celery and consume very few calories. Perhaps most importantly, it makes you feel full, which stops you from eating other foods that are higher in calories. Eating fruits and vegetables is a good weight loss strategy, since they provide the nutrients that you need with far fewer calories than many other foods, and losing weight requires fewer calories but not fewer nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. You can find the calorie content of other fruits and vegetables here.

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