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I m trying to watch my wieght and make sure that the rest of the family eats healthy. The problem is I have the two pickiest little boys ever and a husband that eats nothing but junk I not sure how or what to cook that is both healthy and enjoyable that everyone in the house will enjoy,while still watching the calorie intake. Any suffestions on cookbooks? Or any other advice is appreciated. Thank you

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  1. Same situation. I pressure the hubby to eat like an adult and set a better example. Then get the Sneaky Chef cookbook. Sneak spinach into almost anything. squash or sweet potatoes into cookies, cakes, and brownies, etc. Kick his butt girlfriend!

  2. Laurel’s Kitchen is the best resource for healthy recipes. Also elimiate bad choices by throwing out junk in the house and limiting fast food trips. Once they get used to healthy foods they will not want to go back, but given the choice most kids and men will go for the junk. If they protest cook a healthy dessert like homemade oatmeal cookies and refuse to share unless they eat dinner. Most kids will eat broccoli for a bowl of ice cream as well. Also do research about junk food like Super size me and Junk food nation. A lot of good info that could help your husband make up his mind all on his own.

  3. As a mom/wife, it’s so hard to ensure our family is getting the nutrients they need, no matter how hard we try. ; ) I agree with Melissa, throw out the junk food!! If you don’t buy it, they can’t eat it. This will elimate the temptation. be sure to keep heatlhy snacks avaiable that are easy to just grab and go. I cut up a variety of fruit or veggie sticks and put them into mini ziplock bags with a splash of water to keep them crisp. Something we’ve found to be helpful is to put a cupcake tray that has a variety of washed and cut up pieces of raw fruits, vegetables, cheese cubes, left over cold turkey pieces, etc. in each little cubby. I don’t say anything, I just quietly put it in front of my kids once they are engrossed in a movie and before it’s even over, the tray is usually empty!! LOL. For kids who are old enough to not hurt themselves, it’s fun to use different items as utensils when eating these fun finger foods. We’ve used toothpicks, the things you stick on each side for corn on the cob, umbrella toothpicks, etc. Be creative and make eating healthy fun!! Another idea is to have dips for the fruit, we use yogurt, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. For the vegetables I make avocado dip, fresh salsa and of course Ranch Dip is always a big hit! Good luck and please post what ideas you have found that worked!! Thanks so much!! Blessings, Tiffany Radtke

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