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Do carrots turn to sugar once metabolized in your body?

Q: A friend is on a diet that limits carrots.  They say they turn to sugar.  I have never heard of carrots being unhealthy.  Is there any truth to that.

A: Carrots are comprised mainly of carbohydrates.  They are also packed with fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and water. Carrot and all other foods undergo a process of digestion, absorption, and excretion in our bodies.  To say that they simply “turn to sugar” once eaten is incorrect.  The dietary carbohydrates, including the sugars, in carrots are beneficial to our bodies; they are an energy source for all of our body processes.  For example, glucose (a type of sugar) is a product of carbohydrate digestion.  It is the main fuel for your brain which controls all of your voluntary and involuntay processes.

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