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Do you get any nutritional value from cooking with veggies but not actually eating them?


Q. My question is are do you get any nutritional value from cooking with veggies but not eating them? Here is a good example of what I want to know: I recently had some broccoli chicken at a restaurant but did not eat the broccoli. I could taste the broccoli on the chicken rather strongly. I was wondering if there was any nutritional value from the broccoli being received. any help would be great, this is research for a college course, my instructor thought it would be good for me to find out and let the class know. Thanks Desarae


A. If you cooked broccoli (or vegetables) in a soup, but didn’t eat the vegetable and yet ate the soup, you would get some nutrition because some vitamins from the broccoli would now be in the soup. If there was rice in the soup, the rice might even absorb a small amount of those vitamins as it absorbs the water from the soup. But in your example, there would be very, very little – or no — nutrition benefit (from the broccoli) if you eat only the chicken.

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