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Do you have a formula to help me calculate the amount of added sugar in a recipe?

There are obvious and hidden sources of added sugars in recipes.For the obvious sources, such as white and brown sugar, honey and corn syrup, here are the amounts for 1 cup and 1 teaspoon respectively:
Granulated (white) sugar: 200g (in 1 cup) and 4g (in 1 teaspoon).
Brown sugar (packed): 213g and 5g; Powdered sugar (sifted): 98g and 2g; Honey: 278g and 6g; Light corn syrup: 91g and 2g.
The hidden sources, such as the amount in sauces, are more difficult to determine, since this is not usually stated on the label. You can find some of them here: USDA Database for the Added Sugars Content of Selected Foods, Release 1. Happy cooking!


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