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Does microwaving veggies make them lose their nutritional value?

All forms of fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious for you! Fruits and vegetables lose some vitamins due to any cooking method. However, while some nutrients can be lost/or decreased while cooking, the cooking process can also make some nutrients easier for our body to absorb them. For example, lycopene (a carotene) which is found in tomatoes is easier for our bodies to absorb after the tomatoes have been cooked. To minimize the loss of nutrients, steaming or microwaving is preferred. Also, make sure that you are not cooking your fruits and vegetables on a really high heat for a long period of time. Cooking your fruits and vegetables for the shortest time possible is recommended. When microwaving, make sure to use just enough water to cover the fruits or vegetables. Water soluble vitamins are lost more easily into the cooking water so any method using less water is recommended. Visit our Tips section for all of your fruit and vegetable cooking questions.
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