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Does the sugar content of apples effect the blood sugar for diabetices if so, which one has the least amount of sugar? Would it be the ones with tartness? like pink ladys or granny smith.thank you for your help I have a customer that has turned to me for the ansewer.

Since apples contain carbohydrate, they have the potential to affect blood sugar. However, this does not mean they cannot be eaten by a person who is following a diet for diabetes. The sugar content will not be affected by the degree of tartness. If this individual is unclear about how to fit apples into a diet for diabetes, I suggest you encourage him/her to discuss this with his/her physician, who may refer to a registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator. A registered dietitian in your area can be found at

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  1. I have beeen diabetic for 15 years and I recently have started eating more fruit -apples. I eat at least a small yellow delicious apple every other day or in salads and have had no increase in my blood sugars.

  2. My son is 5 years old. In summer his nose bleeds, doctors says it is due to heat. From last 2 months he has stomach problem, he says it is paining, i had sonography it has no problem. Doctor has suggested to increase fibre I give him an apple, banana and spinach every day in friuts sometimes pomogrante or watermelon he eats.

    Please suggest some nutritious diet to be given to him for his good health.

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