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Dr.Elizabeth Pivonka I am a single female,and here is my question. When my mother was alive she made sure that i ate good but since she passed away i try to eat good but sometimes i just eat any old thing and i know that is not good.So i would like some advise on how i cane eat a good balance diet maybe you can give me some suggestions i sometimes eat junk food which is not good to eat when i go shopping i sometimes do not know where to start and i do not know what to buy so i was wondering if you can help me with my grocery shopping list just to give me some ideas on what to buy

I suggest starting slowly with daily goals for including healthy foods. Goals to increase fruit and vegetable consumption might be a good place to start. For instance, you could set a goal to substitute a piece of fruit for high calorie snack foods, or a goal to include one more fruit or vegetable at a meal. The information in our Meal Planning section might help you get started. Good luck.

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