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  1. An all vegetarian diet can be beneficial to some and the iron absorption issue can be avoided to some degree. That being said, many who have stuck to a diet like that have run into big issues long term with other deficiencies. B12 is one in particular. A lot of people have reported feelings of lethargy on a vegetarian diet long term. The cholesterol, saturated fat, preformed vitamin A and other fat soluble vitamins in a diet including animal products can sometimes mean the difference between depression and happiness and lethargy and energy.

    For an anecdotal account of an all meat and vegetable diet check out http://meatandvegetablediet.blogspot.com/

    Rob is documenting his experience of a 21 day all meat and veggie diet and sharing his experience for anyone interested. It would be of benefit to read a first hand account to understand what to expect for anyone attempting to take on a diet like this.