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for a snack, at breakfast andat night i eat a mixture of blueberries,rasberries,and blckberries with coolwhip on top is this too much sugar in my diet

The fruit is very good for you. Regular Cool Whip contains 1g sugar and 1.5g fat in 2 tablespoons, so if you top your fruit with ¼ cup each time, you will add 4g sugar and 6g fat to your diet each day. This amount of extra sugar should not be a problem, but these calories are “empty" since they contribute only calories without any other nutrients. You might consider topping your fruit with fat-free frozen yogurt. While this would have more sugar, (you will have to count this sugar if you are a diabetic) it would offer you calcium, protein, B vitamins and potassium for about the same number of calories. You might also try a different variety of cool whip. In 2 tablespoons, sugar free contains no sugar and 20 calories; fat free has no fat and 15 calories.

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