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I want to know what vegetables in my garden can be frozen for later use, and how. I habe radishes, green and yellow beans, sugar snap peas, zucchini and yellow summer squash. It might be a good idea if you published a chart with this type of into for your readers. I’m sure there as plenty of others whose gardens all seem to produce at once!

Many of the fruits and vegetable in your garden can be frozen for later use (radishes may be the most difficult thing to freeze on your list). They can be frozen whole, cut, or pureed. How your store your fruits and vegetables is based off of personal preference. Most vegetables should be washed, cleaned, cut; blanched for about 2 minutes, then cooled under running cold water before placing in freezer bags to store in the freezer. For more detailed information visit the Colorado State University Extension. Our Fruit & Vegetable Storage 101 has additional information on your storage questions. Thank you for the idea of making a chart that includes freezing/canning tips for every fruit and vegetable! We will work on making something simpler for our web visitors!  
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  1. Thank you so much – you guys are phenominal! If you do publish a chart as I suggested, please let me know. I’m thrilled you are taking the time to consider it!

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