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Fruit choices

I have gone through almost every kind of fruit with my daughter and she doesn’t seem to like anything! Any ideas?

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  1. Have you tried combining or offering your child fruit with foods she likes? For example, if she is big on peanut butter, smear some on sliced apples or bananas. A good, but not always so good for you, trick is to offer fresh berries with low calorie (fat free, sugar free) cool whip as an after dinner dessert. But don’t use it as a bribe. Once she tries a variety she might develop a taste for the fruit she likes and you can slowly take away the other stuff. hope this helps..good luck!

  2. I allow my daughter to dip strawberries into a little bit of sugar and she loves them that way. I figure it’s better than none, right? For a fun dessert, I sometimes slice up an apple and let her dip it into dry jello (just about any flavor will do.)

  3. Go to the supermarket and let her pick out a favorite color and then try a new or known fruit or vegetable in the produce dept. If she chooses, perhaps she will be more likely to try it. Also my son really liked kiwi the first time he tried it-peel it and slice it thinly. Also serving fruits on top of a favorite yogurt seems to work with kids. I don’t know too many children who won’t at least try baby carrots with a dip or celery with peanut butter and perhaps nuts or raisins on top. Making fruit salads in the shapes of faces is also fun-like a peach face with yogurt or cottage cheese “hair”, raisin or grape “eyes”, a carrot slice “mouth” etc.
    Keep trying as there are bound to be many fruits and veggies your child will like. Offer choices in fresh, dried, and canned items. And be sure you and your family are also eating them so you are a role model.
    Hope that helps a little!

  4. Take your child to the supermarket and have them pick out their favorite color(s) and select a new or known fruit or vegetable. That way they are more likely to try it. Kiwis are always a favorite. I remember my son liked it the first time he tried it. Also putting fruits on top of a favorite yogurt is a good way to introduce them. Have them make a “face” with a fruit salad where a peach could be the face, cottage cheese or yogurt the “hair”, raisins or nuts the “eyes and nose” and a cut carrot the “mouth.” Depending on the age of the child, you could even start a sticker chart where a sticker is given for each fruit or veggie eaten each day with a goal of a pizza dinner or sleepover etc.
    The cooking shows are increasingly popular with kids age 5 to 15. Perhaps you can start them preparing a simple meal or snack. There are so many choices from fresh, canned, dried and frozen. I would suggest that you just keep trying. And don’t forget to model the behavior you want by eating lots of fruits and veggies yourself! Hope this helps.

  5. i dont know what is the age of yor daughter so cant offer any perfect suggestions, still offering some than nothing seemed better. You could cut up fruits and use some flavoured or un flavoured gelation and pour them into moulds…that way u make it more pleasing for the kids. Allow them to dip the fruit of their choice in some melted chocolate or choc-pudding(low cal-low sgar). sorbets and ice creams are also another way of adding some fruits, if u cud make them at home. Else u cud leave the ice cream on the counter, allow it to come to room tempreature, chop up some fruits and nuts and mix them up well and freeze again. Sometime baking a fruit with granola mix or instant oats pacs are also good. I hope, some of these suggestions work well for you. Good luck!!!

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