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What Is In Grapefruit That Interacts With Cholesterol Lowering Medicine (Statins) and High Blood Pressure Medicine?


Q. I think the reason so many of us are asking about a grapefruit connection is because we are taking blood pressure meds and grapefruit is forbidden because of the interaction with our meds.  Could you please spell it out that there is no danger as we are looking for a straightward response?  I don’t know what is in grapefruit and whether it might be in the caras, but suspect not,,,,just please make that clear!  Thanks for your consideration…
A. Grapefruit  contains furanocoumarin compounds known to interact with statins (cholesterol medicines) and high blood pressure or hypertension medicines.  Cara cara oranges may look similar to grapefruit, however they are technically a navel orange type and can be consumed if you take statins or anti-hypertensive medicine. I recommend you always check with your doctor, health care provider, or pharmacist about drug interactions including those with food.  Grapefruit Juice and Some Medicines Don’t Mix


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