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Have you ever heard of Juice Plus or seen the research on it?

We often hear of dietary supplements that promise the nutritional equivalent of whole foods such as fruits and vegetables in a tiny, little pill.  The truth is…claims like this are just not true.  Science is good, but not as good as mother nature!  There are over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables, each of which has a different complement of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals (natural plant compounds, many of which are being studied for potential health benefits).  Each one provides a unique “fingerprint” of compounds that contributes to our overall better health.  Couple that with the fact that whole foods work synergistically with each other during digestion and absorption, perhaps even enhancing the effects of certain nutrients in combination with others, and you have a system that simply cannot be duplicated in a pill.

It that hasn’t convinced you yet, consider one last thing…taste!  They haven’t invented a supplement pill yet that is as filling or tastes as good as, biting into a ripe, juicy peach…or sipping a refreshing frozen berry smoothie…or creating a mouthwatering salad of lettuce greens, canned beans, tomatoes and sprinkled with dried cranberries and a few nuts.  Bottom line…the wiser—and by far the tastier choice, is to forget the magic supplement pills, and get your fruits and vegetables in creative meals and snacks throughout the day.  Get tips and suggestions right here on our website,


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  1. Your right there is nothing better than mother nature and Gods creation of Fruits and Vegetables. Assuming you are getting them fresh and free of pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants. Juice Plus does not make any claims they just show the facts, Juice Plus has 17 different fruits & Veggies in them and some of which you couldn’t pay people to eat even on there death bed. They get all the benefits of eating these fruits/veggies. What about those folks who are not able to eat fruit (like diabetics) this is a great alternative for them. Plus how many people do you know who actually consume 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies a day, which is now the requirement for better health. For those who do not or can not consume that much, Juice Plus+ is the NEXT BEST THING to fruits and vegetables.

  2. I’m glad for Juice Plus+. My six children, ages 1 to 19, are able to get a wide variety of whole food everyday consistently. They actually eat more raw fruits and vegetables since adding Juice Plus+ to our diets.

  3. Juice Plus is a scam plain and simple — an overpriced, nutrient deficient, artifically vitamin-fortified, deceptively marketed product. Distributors of Juice Plus make many fanciful and misleading claims, none of which hold up to scrutiny. Thanks for taking the time to warn consumers.

  4. Wilma above is obviously very misinformed about Juice Plus. There are very may studies about the product. She obviously has not been to the plants where juice plus is made, where it is tested to insure that it has the nutrients from all 17 fruits and vegetables. Look into the product and do your own research.

  5. As a certified health counselor with a BS in Natural Healing/Major in Wholistic Nutrition, I have used JP+ for six yrs now both personally and professionally with wonderful results.
    If a person takes the time to do their homework they’ll find that the product is extremely credible as proven by the product-specific, gold standard science (double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized studies) published in peer-reviewed journals. There are currently more than 16,000 medical professionals around the world who recommend it in their practice.
    To keep us well and prevent degenerative diseases we should eat as many fresh, raw fruits and veggies each day as we possibly can. For many people this is an impossibility. JP+ is a solution or adjunct to getting even more fresh, raw fruits & veggies into the diet each day.
    Talk is cheap, research isn’t. The science is there, the history is there (14 yrs), the medical professionals and major universities are there, the results are there. I encourage you to seek the truth by doing your own homework to make an educated decision.
    To view the abstracts visit and/or call me at 866-305-2421. I’d be happy to provide you with more info and/or supply you with the full studies.
    My heartfelt intent is to empower you with information, encourage you to trust your intuition and take control of your own health. In gratitude, Michele

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