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Healthy Snacks at Kid Eye-Level

My kids seem to be in the refrigerator or cupboard every 10 minutes when they are home from school. To encourage healthy snacking, I place cut up fruits and veggies in zip top containers at eye-level in the refrigerator and dried fruits and 100% juice boxes at eye-level in the cupboard.

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  1. Keep a delicious fruit salad going…Cut up fresh fruit in season — mix all kinds– keep in a clear bowl at eye level in refrigerator. When they open the door, a beautiful rainbow will be looking back at them! If you cut it up, they will come! Enjoy.

  2. Moms…hold on. Sunny Delight has finally done it! They came up with FruitSimple, and it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s a 100% pure fruit smoothie – no added sugar, and my 18-month-old daughter loves it! I always have good intentions of putting together these fruit salads and fruit bags to make sure my kids are getting the fruit they need, but with this, time is on MY side! For the times I can?t serve fresh fruit, FruitSimple helps. I have fruit at eye level, but now it’s in a sippy cup or an 8-oz. bottle ready to grab and go. I found it near the OJ, but I’m not sure if it’s sold everywhere yet. Look for it in your grocery store because once you try it… this chat will be changed forever!

  3. Being a biology teacher, I know that as primates we are mainly visual, so Anna’s comment makes perfect sense. Having just read “Mindless Eating” I realize that we are all on the “see food diet,” whatever we see we want to eat, so I’m looking for tantalizing vegetable pictures to put up on my fridge and anywhere else in the kitchen that will keep my family and I focused on what’s healthy.

  4. PS I put the junk food that I can’t get my husband to quit buying way in the back of the cupboard where none of us see it when we’re just cruising by.

  5. Monica,

    I saw your blog about FruitSimple. I think it’s a great product too. I wanted to see if they were interested in doing a Moms Panel – If so, would you want to be on it?

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