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hello, im from singapore.i would like to know which veg&bfruits is best for health and also want to know how much quantity is needed to take.which is the better way to take veg-raw or cook one.Daily my mom cook vegatable curry,but she put more oil,more there any problem?i heard that,if we have more veg&fruits,it will improve our glow of it real?nowadays im very consicious about my health.if i get a reply from you,i will be very thankful to you.

Recommendations for intake of fruits and vegetables include eating a variety of both.  Using color as a guide is a good way to help achieve variety in the diet.  Moderately active women should consume 3 ½ to 4 ½ cups total of fruits and vegetables per day.  It is fine to eat them raw or cooked, and including both helps add interest.  Cooking in different ways also adds interest – using spices, making curry or stir-fry, grilling etc. Oils and other cooking fats add extra calories, and so should be used in small amounts.  Fruits and vegetables have many health benefits, although I am not aware of any research that shows that fruits and vegetables improve the glow of your skin.  There are many factors related to skin health and eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is sure to help. 


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