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Hello, What a wonderful resource!Anyway, I am trying to find out how to minimize preparation time, and ensure healthy eating. So my questions are: 1) I would like to know how long I can store a Fruit Salad in the fridge for?2) How long I can store a veggie mix in the fridge for?3) If possible, what is the optimal variety of fruits one should eat? (ex: melon, citrus, etc)4) Same questioin as #3 for veggies (ex: root, leafy greens, squash, etc) Are there actual categories of fruit/vegetables that should be eaten from??Sorry for the Barrage, I am just trying to make my family healthier on a busy schedule.warmest regardsRob

Congratulations on your great efforts to feed your family well.  The length of time that fruit salads, veggie mixes and other prepared produce items last in the refrigerator will vary somewhat depending on which items the salads contain.  Some fruits and vegetables do not last as long as others in the refrigerator, especially once they have been washed and cut.  Generally, they are best for 1-2 days after being prepared.  They should be stored in covered containers.  For storage tips, click here.


As far as variety of fruits and vegetables needed, the best tip is to include as wide a variety as possible, because they each have their own array of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and plant based protective compounds called phytochemicals. Some people like to think ‘color’ as a guide to variety – including as many different colors of fruits and vegetables in a day as possible.  Try some new fruits and vegetables that you may not have had before and experiment with new ways of preparing your favorites.  Keep in mind that all forms count – fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice.  Some of our meal planning and shopping tips may be helpful too – check them out here. 



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