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Hello.I have some wonderings about fruit and vegetables. first thing is that how we define the color of fruit and vegetables. I think you seems to define the surface color or edible part’s color. is it right? However, I think, for example, for apples, the flesh color is white even though the surface colors are green, red, and yellow. I think the nutrients according to apple’s color were not quite different. is it right a categorization of FV colors?secondly, I come from Asian, therefore, we usually consume seaweeds. we defined seaweed as a vegetable. A seaweed is normally brown but, after boiled, the color changes to green. How we consider it brown or green? thank you for reading and answering my questions.I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

The color of fruits and vegetables is determined by their outside appearance. The appearance of many fruits and vegetables is a usually a good predictor of what nutrients they are a good source of. However, this is not a rule that can always be used across the board. Our Fruit & Veggie Database has the nutritional benefits for specific fruits and vegetables. The main purpose of the color groups is to help consumers to eat a variety of colors to provide their body with the best combination of beneficial compounds (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.). The most important thing is that you are eating your fruits and vegetables! Just remember to eat variety of colors of fruits and vegetables because each fruit and vegetable is unique. Visit our Recipe Database for 1,000+ delicious fruit and vegetable recipes!
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