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Hello,We are working on a grant to get a walk in freezer in one of our elementary schools. I know that nowadays the belief is that canned produce has similar nutrition value as frozen (with the exception of sodium content). When I went to school, we learned that fresh was best, frozen was better and canned was okay. Is there still debate over this? We are looking for ammunition for another reason why we need a walk-in freezer…Thanks,Grennan SimsDistrict DietitianHickman Mills C-1 SchoolsKansas City, MO

Generally, all forms are considered to be comparable in nutritional value. In some cases, frozen and canned forms have more vitamins and minerals since they are harvested at peak. There is an article that compares the nutritional value of different forms, which you can access through a link in the answer of  a question similar to yours in our "Frequently Asked Questions" section here.  Best of luck.
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