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Hi…, I am a big supporter and consumer of fruits and vegetables, but I am confused with people and books that recommend eating fruits only with an empty stomach and not with the meal. Is there any scientific study that supports that or proves that there is no harm in combining?Thanks,Luis Stoute

Currently there is not any scientific evidence that supports the benefits of consuming fruits on an empty stomach. This rumor seems based on traditional Indian diet principals and has made its way into American culture through various diet fads that advocate non-mixing of foods, from concern regarding the breakdown of mixed foods in the stomach.

Fruits are equally as beneficial to you if you eat them alone or with other foods. The most important thing is that you are eating your fruits and veggies! No matter how you prepare them, or what form—fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or 100% juice—you prefer, consuming fruits and vegetables is much more beneficial to you than not consuming them at all!

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